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Wardrobe editing and style advice for women

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I’m Kara, the Austin based founder and creator of Blocks of Style, a personal styling service that specializes in helping busy women cultivate their unique personal style. When I found myself at a career crossroads after more than a decade of practicing law, I let go. I became a wardrobe stylist, leveraging a childhood spent learning about fabrics, drape, and proportion, a lifelong love of fashion, real-life experience gained while working in women’s retail, and my more recent experience as a trusted advisor.  


After observing the personal styling industry through the lens of a long-time service provider, I developed the Blocks of Style Method as an easy-to-follow, practical approach to fashion. In a world of fast fashion and constantly evolving trends, my approach as a women's personal stylist providing services to the greater Austin area and as virtual stylist offers flexibility and empowers clients to feel confident and rooted in their authentic self, “because the only box your style needs to fit into is the one you create.”

Offered virtually and in-person (Austin and Houston)
Enviable personal style comes from a woman being confident in three things: what she owns, what she buys, and the ability to put pieces together in a way that is authentic to her. I help women build this confidence using the Blocks of Style Method. The Blocks of Style Method is an innovative approach to providing personal styling services in that it allows each woman to prioritize the aspects of her wardrobe and style she wants to focus on by choosing a combination of  the Blocks of Style: EDIT,  CURATE, and INTEGRATE according to her individual goals.


If you’ve got clothes you aren’t wearing, don’t serve your current life, or fit poorly, then a wardrobe edit will feel cathartic. Fewer pieces means greater visibility for what you love (or more room for new things if that’s right for you). Reviewing your wardrobe and analyzing what works and why provides insights and clarity that you’ll use long beyond the session. 


If you feel uncertain about the styles and shapes that are right for you or simply don’t have the bandwidth to source pieces, then you'll benefit from delegating the aspects of shopping that don’t feel enjoyable to you. Shopping should be a pleasant and positive experience. With clear goals set before we get started, you’ll make purchases that complement your body and existing wardrobe. 


If your closet is full of clothes you love but you still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, then let’s put it all together! Pre-selected outfits for your daily life save time, prevent closet meltdowns, and help to ensure you’re putting your wardrobe to good use. You can also use your digital lookbook and closet as a reference before making new purchases (you’ll thank me when you’re in the store about to buy another pair of neutral sandals). 

“Kara used her power of discernment to help cull through a closet amassed over 10 years with serious relics. She cleaned it out and organized for functionality. She sent recommendations for refreshes of bags, shoes and basics through a very modern app that I was able to purchase from directly. She curated pieces that I would never pick and I absolutely adore. She also created outfits from the new and old pieces in my closet. Now I’m ready for any event!”

(Carrie, sales professional)


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