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Start the Process of Shopping in a Targeted and Thoughtful Way 

There’s much more to shopping than the act of making a purchase. “Shopping” actually encompasses all the decisions (and feelings) from “what do I need/want” through “I’m going to keep/return this.” If you think about it, that’s a lot of ground to cover for each item in your wardrobe! 


Because of these layers of complexity, you may not have time to shop or you may lose patience with the process and buy items that aren’t quite right so the task can be completed. It’s frustrating to not have clothes, shoes, and accessories you feel confident wearing and which allow you to present yourself to the world in the way you desire. 


Whether your primary need is delegation or discovering and developing your Style Cornerstones, feel reassured knowing that each item suggested is selected specifically for you, based on your preferences for color, shape, and aesthetic. Twenty items are typically selected per online curation, with the option for 5 replacements. Following the initial meeting, we’ll meet virtually two additional times to discuss the options presented and for a try-on session. If you prefer to shop in-person, we’ll select the store locations together.  


Ready to try shopping in a more targeted and thoughtful way? Get started below.   


Note: An Edit or Integrate session is generally recommended prior to booking a Curate session so we can get to know each other. Of course, there are circumstances when the best plan is to start with shopping. If you’re a new client and want to start with a Curate session, please book an initial consultation so we can chat before getting started. 


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Price: $1295 (New Client Rate)
Duration: Initial 45 Minute Call Followed by Two or Three Separate 1 Hour Calls to Discuss Selections and Try-On Items.
Go ahead and book your appointment. You'll receive instructions and suggestions for how to prepare upon booking.


Price: Varies by Service
Duration: Shop preselected items at two stores or choose a half or full day side-by-side shopping experience.
Book an Initial Consultation Call so we can talk through additional details and pricing before finalizing your appointment.
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