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Minimize Your Cost-Per-Wear With Fresh Looks From Your Closet

Do you wear your favorite pieces of clothing in the same way on repeat? Buy new clothes because you feel like you have nothing to wear (but your closet says otherwise)? Or, are there unworn items in your closet you aren’t sure how to wear?

The quickest choice when getting dressed is an outfit you know works. At the same time, even quality, timeless pieces feel stale when we wear them the same ways day-in and day-out. It’s a natural reaction to want to buy new pieces to freshen our wardrobe. 

There’s no denying the excitement buying new clothes can bring (even if you aren’t exactly sure how to wear them)! However, if you aren’t fully blending the new and the old, you end up repeating the buy/wear on repeat/feel bored/buy again cycle. Depending on how quickly you go through this cycle (and the quality of clothes you purchase), you may end up with a higher cost-per-wear than you would like. 

If you want to minimize your cost-per-wear (or finally figure out how to wear that blazer you bought on sale), an Integrate session will help you maximize your existing wardrobe by creating looks with the pieces you already own. Typically, around 15 looks are created, although that may vary somewhat depending on the items you own. 

It’s truly satisfying to feel like you have more clothes without buying anything. Let's put your existing wardrobe to work for you! Get started below. 

Note: If you’d like to book a virtual Integrate session to plan vacation looks, please schedule a free initial consultation so we can talk through some additional details prior to your session.


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Price: $825
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Go ahead and book your appointment. You'll receive instructions and suggestions for how to prepare upon booking.


Price: $895
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Book an Initial Consultation Call so we can talk through additional details before finalizing your appointment.
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