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Personal style is highly, well…personal. It isn’t one-size-fits-all or even most. In fact, you’re the only person who needs to feel confident in and content with what you’re wearing. Why does that feel so hard sometimes? And, why is there so much focus on what you “should” wear?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in our world of endless choices and limited time. As a result, there’s a tendency to seek rules to follow and/or try to emulate others whose style we admire. Structure is helpful and identifying what we appreciate is important; however, neither of these approaches standing alone are sufficient to allow you to fully develop your style and wardrobe. 

For each of us, certain colors, shapes, and aesthetics in clothes, shoes, and accessories feel authentic. These recurring characteristics form your Style Cornerstones. When you wear pieces that align with your Style Cornerstones, it feels effortless. Whether you seek to identify or expand your Style Cornerstones, these concepts underpin any Blocks of Style session, with the goal of identifying what’s right for you and your lifestyle - because the only box your style needs to fit into is the one you create. 


What colors make you feel like your best self when you wear them? What colors do you reach for time & time again? Are there additional shades that would complement you and your wardrobe? A holistic approach to creating a wardrobe palette is often preferable because it allows you to incorporate the neutrals (including black) that you love.


What words describe your style? Whose style inspires you? How does your lifestyle and/or season of life affect your style? Women today are wearing many hats and often seek to express different aspects of themselves through what they wear. We’ll talk about what resonates with you and how to present yourself in the way you desire.


What aspects of your body do you prefer to highlight and downplay when getting dressed? One woman’s styling challenge is another woman’s favorite physical attribute. We’ll assess your concerns and preferences using a framework of accentuate, minimize, and balance.



Whatever you wear must feel right for you. This is non-negotiable. Life is too short to feel uncomfortable or unsettled because of your style choices. If it isn’t a resolute “yes”, then it’s a no.

Note: Every woman’s situation is unique and each Blocks of Style session is tailored to address her specific needs, focusing on the Style Cornerstones applicable to the particular session.  


Work with me to identify or expand your individual style
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